Futurhair is  a young and dynamic company  formed  by professional staff for  hair styling and cosmetic  chemical sections, that after accrued years in the fashion fields,  hairdressing and  research, they decide to unit their skills and passions to create a highly innovative and specific product.

The search of a highly qualified and specialized team, conducted over the years and founded by the futurhair group, have finally led to the creation of a waste range of products who allows you to obtain amazing results.

After this, the creation of Gold Keratin Max, the line made by keratin products, designed to give lightness, resistance and straight effect to the hair.
The GKM, tested environmentally friendly, are now the reality for everyone, for professional and not professional people.

The results is hair straighter, softer,shinier and stronger.
All completely safe (does not contain carcinogenic products).
The company offers a concrete response to the new business needs, looking for the right balance between quality and price, offering added value to its customers.

Today Futurhair is a company in full growth, even outside the country, open to innovation and experimentation, without, however, put aside their own roots and philosophy: customer care combined with the passion of doing.

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